Helmet Design App

By 2019, Vietnam has more than 45 million motorcycles use everyday. Each households has more than 2 vehicles in the family. Therefore, accident rates in Vietnam are always at the top of the charts, comparing with other transportations in different countries.
In Vietnam, I spent a lot of my time riding on all type of motorbikes. Being a motorcycle enthusiast for as long as I can remember, I always put safety first and have my gears/protections on. I was serious about my safety because of how easily people getting  into accidents on the road.
The application gives you a wide range of customization tools and capabilities to turn the gears you want into your own. It offers different parts of protection gears on body for you to design. Each gear contains a few unique types of the gear (i.e Helmet: motorcycle, scooter,..). After you have selected the desire product to customize, it gives you multiple option to customize from Exterior to Parts, from Base color to Visor with your signature on the item. 
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